“YES, I DO...“


" The refraction of a diamond is not dissimilar to that of a knife, but very often, we only see the brilliance of the diamond. "

In my current roles as a Young Woman, Student, and representative of a New Generation,
I confront the restrictive norms that each identity carries. The intertwined expectations of these labels often become stifling.

To challenge this, I've harnessed motion graphics to create a series of engaging and whimsical images.
These exaggerated characters are visual metaphors for suppressed emotions, surfacing through their exaggerated forms.
They act as a whimsical dialogue of my inner thoughts, with their distortion speaking to the societal labels that skew self-perception.
This project has been an exploration in translating complex emotions into a playful yet profound visual narrative, giving voice to the unspoken through a vibrant, dynamic medium.

People's eyes linger on me and won't leave. I change my shape at will to attract your attention.

I disguise myself in any form, but I don't hide my heart.

I am reckless, but no one can stop me.

Don't judge!  

It's my own body, none of your business.

Sometimes cute, sometimes funny, and occasionally revealing my hideous evil side.

I can't speak, but that doesn't stop me from doing ridiculous things.

I'm holding a knife. I'm being adorable. I'm transforming.

Call me Elastic Girl.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Yes, she does.

Medium: Cinema 4D & Octane Render
Size: Looping video

More Details: https://2023.rca.ac.uk/students/jiaxin-wu/


Displayment-Mock up:  Look at these lovely characters I made! T. hey desperately need a commission.

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