The  Absent  Eyes   

She’s thinking!  No, She’s not...

" I don't do anything because I have to do everything. "

At this stage, I have many incarnations; Young Woman, Student, New Generation... Each of these roles comes with certain social constraints.
These multiple identities are all more or less entangled by the meaning of their labels.
The more I was suppressed, the more I wanted to escape.

To challenge this, I've harnessed motion graphics to create a series of engaging and whimsical images.
These exaggerated characters are visual metaphors for suppressed emotions, surfacing through their exaggerated forms.
They act as a whimsical dialogue of my inner thoughts, with their distortion speaking to the societal labels that skew self-perception.
This project has been an exploration in translating complex emotions into a playful yet profound visual narrative, giving voice to the unspoken through a vibrant, dynamic medium.

People's eyes linger on me and won't leave. I change my shape at will to attract your attention.

I disguise myself in any form, but I don't hide my heart.

I am reckless, but no one can stop me.

Don't judge!  

It's my own body, none of your business.

, sometimes funny, and occasionally revealing my hideous evil side.

I can't speak, but that doesn't stop me from doing ridiculous things.

I'm holding a knife. I'm being adorable. I'm transforming.

Call me Elastic Girl.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous? Yes, she does.

Medium: Cinema 4D & Octane Render
Size: Looping video

More Details:

Displayment-Mock up:  Look at these lovely characters I made! They desperately need a commission.

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