Gossip Designer 


In a society full of gossip and public opinion, all the things that those stars possessed are bought through the design of gossip designer. Everyone in the city has a different animal's skin, only celebrities deserve to have a head and a face. People who are eager for appearance and fame can  achieve it through gossip designer, which is to exchange their fur and own skin.

When they had all their fur removed, and walked on the red carpet naked with the appearance of celebrity to enjoy the excitement of the flash, gossip designer wore gorgeously and laughed at those naked clowns.


Physical Book 

SIZE:187mm × 260 mm


Design Progress & Story

Even though entertainers seem to lead a truly magnificent life, what behind them is only a walking corpse and running flesh. They have no privacy or secret, but to be exposed to lingering in the center of visual focus. The backstage winners and manipulators have always been the invisible media eventually. Crazy popularity and press speculation make super stars be eliminated by the entertainment circle at any time.

However, there are still a lot of people turn their discussion to the life of entertainers at the beginning to desire and worship, such kind of desire for fame and fortune drives them to become a pawn of the media. You just a puppet of media when you believe that you have obtained countless fortune and popularity,and enjoyed theworship of the public.


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