"Incredibly powerful and poignant pop songs"

The song“UNDERR PRESSURE”was a collaboration between QUEEN and DAVID BOWIE and was released in 1981. Through the rhythm of the song by listening to the song, I visualize the melody and lyrics I feel in the picture, so I designed a set of vinyl album packaging for this song.
The lyrics explain the break-up and self-rescue relief in the face of pressure. It is the process of constantly redeeming yourself every day. The seemingly old-fashioned "love" can pull you back from the abyss one at a time.

Colour Texting

I chose the contrasting colors of blue and orange. Blue represented the low mood of the under pressure, and orange represented the pleasure of self-release after stress. On this album cover, I mixed the two colors indicating that the two emotions are competing and interdependent.


    Vinyl record cover & Back Cover Size: 30CM×30CM (12 inches)
    Lyrics Booklet: 45CM×15CM



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