My inspiration came from the movie "Rare Window" directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1954.
The shooting techniques and scene frame design used in these movies have deeply grasped the viewer's inner peeping desire, and the viewer has become a peeper in it.
At any time, the desire to peep is hidden in human nature. In the course of the research, I came up with the idea of "Peeping Desire" as the creation theme.

A "woman" in the bathroom shaves her legs while taking a bath.

I set the blinds outdoors, and pedestrians passing by can pull up the blinds to peep into the scene inside it.
This design confuses the boundaries between public and private spaces, and the desire to peep is undoubtedly exposed in front of the glass. The peeper is the subject, and the scenes they see represent desire.
The window is a picture frame showing desire and a mirror that reflects the subject.

A sloppy otaku lying down in the living room.

A pair of people who are having love affair.

In the process of creation, I had a strong interest in window design. It is both commercial and has the artistic characteristics of installation. The most important thing is that it can be displayed in public spaces,
which coincides with my peeping theme.

I hope that through the medium of the window, the hidden voyeuristic desires of mankind will be stimulated in the public space, and the street will become an excellent place to show people's peeping behavior.

As the best platform for exhibition merchandise, the window is transformed into a contemporary social landscape under a large space. It is not only a bright spot on the prosperous street, but also a pause area for visual stay.
I converted the window that provided the fantasy into a display window in order to put the private space under the public space, and the two spaces formeda strong contrast. The window becomes a bridge between private and public. In character design, I hope to show the theme of peeping humorously, and the characters are relatively abstract and playful. Therefore, I used some light colors when drawing the pattern.

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Based on social observations and experiences within the current fast-paced life and expansion of social media, potential normalized phenomena and factors are to be discovered. From the perspective of bystanders outside the social group, existing social appearances will be assumed and analyzed. By applying different media to show the narrative contents of the illustration in a more multidimensional and diversified manner, the closer interactions between people and the picture can be deepened. The potential social issues are to be presented to the public in a more critical and perceptual way visually to trigger discussions. Illustrations should evolve with the changing demands of people’s viewing experiences. llustrations, the communication between the audience and the image remains static without interaction. I intend to use multiple media to realize the integration of virtual and reality, more spatial practices and more 3D and vivid colors and contents. Initial trial can be seen in this project “Don’t look inside”, in which I converted the illustrations into 3D forms and placed them in the showcase, replacing the fantasy windows with showcases and placing the private space into the public space to form a contrast. By transforming the exhibition characteristics of the showcases into social landscapes in a public space, the contents were presented to the public in a humorous way.


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