Let’s Kitsch !

Art can break your heart,but kitsch can make you rich.

Kitsch provides a breeding ground for popular culture and fast fashion, making people fall into this mysterious and gorgeous beauty. Kitsch is good at expressing false feelings, which leads people to have a panoramic view of beauty in following and excluding things that are unacceptable in human existence. The public manipulates the value definition of "aesthetic ideal," making people intuitively believe that this is the essence of beauty.


Reflection of beautiful things
Color Pencil 390 x 540 mm/ 2020

The canvas was replaced by infinite space, which holds my worldly fantasy. The unpacked Mickey and the full-moon goddess in purple gauze are duplicated in a bubble. No one can define if they met or fell in love, but they looked so beautiful, perhaps a love that broke free from the confines of time, perhaps a reunion again after reincarnation.

The moment in kitsch is gorgeous ,just like a bubble that bursts with poke.


Courtship for noble beauty
Color Pencil 390 × 540 mm / 2020

The false feelings in kitsch made the public mistakenly believe that the courtship was profound. The man supported by flowers tells the lovel words to his goddess. He pursues beauty rather than a noble spirit.


Secular pursuit and paste
Color Pencil 390 × 540 mm / 2020

Magritte is wearing a UNIQLO sweater instead of Tuxedo. The current secularized popular symbols printed on ordinary sweaters can also become mainstream. The label is over-magnified and the meaning behind the pattern is erased.


Lovers in fantasy
Color Pencil 390 x 540 mm / 2020

The fantasy of love between men and women emerges from the book, and the romance of a over-decoration is a superficial beauty. Actual love is fragile and we choose to ignore it because we are deeply involved in kitsch.



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